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Septic Repairs – DEC Grant

NYS DEC’s has a septic tank matching grant program for septic systems in disrepair. They will pay up to 50% of the repair up to $25,000.  Details of the program and application can be found at There has been some confusion about the eligibility criteria, since different regions of the watershed have slightly different criteria. …

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Walking Around Lake Sagamore: The Official Misguided Guide

Harry Azorin, a particularly alert neighbor, has some observations about walking around Lake Sagamore.  For example he writes, I’VE HEARD I NEED A WALKING STICK. DO I? You heard wrong.  You were told you need a walking SHTICK.  All seasoned Lake Sagamore residents have one. It’s HOW they walk around the lake. You should have …

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Lake Quality

The quality of the lake water is excellent in terms of swimming, boating and general aesthetics. Princeton Hydro conducted a single water quality monitoring event and aquatic plant survey on Lake Sagamore on August 28, 2018.  The report notes: The continuation of excellent water quality in the lake is due to the largely undisturbed watershed which …

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