New Path Avoids Rt. 301


For those who trek around Lake Sagamore, you no longer need to take a single step on Route 301! The Parkland Committee has marked and cleared a new trial between Sagamore Drive and Forest Court, thus hikers and joggers can avoid 301. Hikers enter (or emerge) from the trail near the yellow speed sign on Sagamore Drive near 301 and emerge (or enter) the trail about mid way on Forest Court. Orange ribbons on trees mark the trail. Ray Phillips, Parkland Committee Chair, Susan Wynne, President of LSCA, Getz Obstfeld, Lake Committee Chair, and his daughter Maya, Steve Kaufman, and Mitchell Cohen, Web Master, cleared most obstacles from the trail. It is not marshy so any sort of shoe will do. However, it is woodland, so take precautions and inspect your body afterwards for tics. As is the case on any parkland, walkers and joggers take the path at their own risk.

To continue on the Sagamore circuit, from the Forest Court trail exit, re-enter the woods near the end of Forest Court on an old trail that travels down the hill and across a small wooden bridge to emerge on a wider trial that goes to Westwood Drive.

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2 thoughts on “New Path Avoids Rt. 301”

  1. Judy Rosenbaum

    Hi new path team;
    Thank you for all your hard work clearing and marking the trail. I imagine there was also some research involved regarding access, so I also appreciate that.

    The path is particularly helpful if one is walking with a dog, much calmer than being on 301.

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