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We Can Use Solar Power Amidst Trees? Yes We Can!

Many of our houses around the lake have enough tree cover to make solar panel installation not viable. But: what if we could source our electricity from a sun-aplenty field of solar panels? A town program facilitates and encourages just that: Solarize Kent, our community solar program…allows you to purchase solar electricity though NYSEG with …

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“Diet for a Small Lake”

The New York State Federation of Lake Associations offers an interesting guide to taking care of lakes such as ours. One can click below, where the letters state, in blue, “Diet for a Small Lake,” to view it as a PDF. And, yes, that is the name!   Diet for a Small Lake

(The wonderful) Glynwood Farm market

The property and its views are spectacular, the vegetables, fruit (and meats) are excellent–and it’s just a few miles down 301 along the way to Cold Spring, nestled inside Fahnestock State Park. Open Tuesday and Friday, 2 –> 6, Saturday 10 –> 2. https://www.glynwood.org/our-farm/store.html Melissa Glass knows how special are this season’s (pick-your-own) cherry tomatoes: …

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