Welcome to the Lake Sagamore Community Association Website. One purpose of this site is to provide information about the Lake and our community to any interested person or family. Other purposes are for members of the Association to receive current news and publications, like the Directory and Handbook.  Members must log-in to access current news and publications.  

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Current Events

Fall Pics

Fall pictures are seen in the slide show at the top of the home page.  Click the picture to see larger images.  You can also access them from the Picture Galleries box on the right or from the"Pics" on the top menu bar.  From the Picture Gallery you may also view several other picture series related to seasons, sunsets, and other topics like Jay Unkeless's amazing pictures of lake fauna and wildlife and his photo essay,"The lake through the lens".  To the left, a recent fall sunset is shown courtesy of Bob Stern.

If you are using  a phone or tablet, such as an iPad, and  can't access the picture galleries click on the last menu item, "Picture Gallery (Mobile)" and, hopefully, they will accessible on your phone and/or tablet.

If you would like to show you pictures on the site, put them in a Google Picasa or Flickr album and send Mitchell the embed code.  If this sounds like gibberish, email the pictures to Mitchell, and he will add them.


2017- 18 Directory and Future Updates

The 2017 - 2018 directory is available online after you login by clicking on the Directory icon to the right on the homepage or using the drop down menu under the "Residents" tab above.  It includes a listing of Directors, emergency and other useful numbers,members contact information, and vendors. Each member is listed alphabetically. Each box set off by thick borders represents a household with individual contact information on the left and household informaiton and "notes" on the right.  Each household lists two members such as spouses or partners. 

This year we have transitioned to a system where Members update their own information any time they have a change.  To update your contact information, login and click on the PROFILE menu on the top menu bar.  This takes you to a form that can be edited. Once edited you must scroll down and click on the "save" boxIf you cannot use the online form, emaill  Mitchell Cohen, with your changes and he will modify your profile.  Prior to updating the directory, a reminder will be sent to all members to update their information or return an update form.

Member information accessed under the "Resident" tab, such as names and emails, will be updated any time a member changes infomation in his or her profile.

Members may print the Directory from the one emailed to members or downloaded from the website, and printed Directories will be availalbe at the Fall Membership meeting. General distribution of a printed Directory will be done in the spring after another update of the Directory.

Lake Quality

The quality of the lake water is excellent in terms of swimming, boating and general aesthetics. .
Princeton Hydro conducted a single water quality monitoring event and aquatic plant survey on Lake Sagamore on Sepember 8, 2017.  The water quality and plant conditions in 2017 continue the excellent pattern which has been observed in the past few years. Transparency, while lower than 2016, remains within acceptable bounds.
The plankton community was comprised primarily by diatoms, golden-algae and green-algae while cyanobacteria were rare or present in smalr densities. Diatoms were the dominant group which led to the brownish water coloration observed at the time of sampling. The zooplankton were comprised primarily by the rotifers and copepods. Cyanotoxin Microcystin) analysis was conducted at the dam station and showed a concentration of 0,3 ppb. Tentative recreational water quality standards for this toxin are 4 ppb. As such, there is little concern with cyanotoxin toxicity at this time. The low aquatic plant growth continues to be attributed to the prudent stocking of the lake with sterile grass carp, cooperative weather, and efforts to limit invasive plant exposure from other lakes by enforcing lake rules regarding boats.  
Continued monitoring, on an annual basis, should be continued in order to track any changes in water quality or plant growth. This serves to not only inform the Lake’s residents but has proven useful in procuring State permits for management activities. 

The Princeton Hydro 2017 memoradum can be read by clicking here or on the "Communication" tab in the main menu bar, "Lake Committee" and then, Lake Quality 2017The full report will can be seen by clicking here.

DEC Grant Program to Repair Septic Systems

NYS DEC's has a septic tank matching grant program for septic systems in disrepair. They will pay up to 50% of the repair up to $25,000.  Details of the program and application can be found at https://www.efc.ny.gov/EOH.
There has been some confusion about the eligibility criteria, since different regions of the watershed have slightly different criteria. Lake Sagamore is in the Boyd's Corner section, and here are the main eligibility criteria:

-  Property must be owner’s primary residence; provide copy of deed and driver’s license (or other ID indicating primary residence).
-  Property must be a one or two family residential building.
-  The septic system must have been constructed on or before November 2, 1995.
-  There is no a Hardship Criteria for the Boyd Corners Basin (i.e., no maximum or minimum income to qualify for grant).
-  Septic system must be determined to be in failure or reasonably likely to fail. Do you have an open Notice of Violation from the County Health Department or NYCDEP? Also acceptable would be an inspection report from a licensed septic contractor

If you know anyone in the area who might need septic tank repair, they can contact the program with their address to confirm that their property is within the target area as a first step.

Below is the contact person at the septic grant program for more information.
Lynn Catizone
Program Specialist
NYS Environmental Facilities Corporation
625 Broadway, Albany, New York 12207-2997
518.486.9267 (p) | 518.486.9323 (f)




In the left sidebar on the home page there is a box for residents to share alerts regarding weather, storms, or other events impacting the Lake residents. Click the "add a new comment" and it will be posted.

Mail members from the Website

There is a mass mail feature that allows any member to send a mass mail to other members. You have to login to use it.  You can access it from the “Communication” drop down menu bar at the top.  Click on “Mass Contact”.  There are two lists: all members with emails and the Board.  Keep the send as BBC checked as a security precaution.  Please use it for lake related business only and not for solicitations or any personal causes.

To create an email, add a subject and type in the message block. The formatting icons are pretty standard and allow you to add pictures, change the font and size of the text, etc.  When you are done click on the “send e-mail” button.  As you scroll down you will see it is possible to add up to three attachments.  

Vendor List: Online and in the Directory

Need to find a Contractor, Electrician, Restaurant, Car Repair or other Vendor or Service ?  A vendor list is available in the Directory and online and is sorted by type of vendor. 

To find vendors and services click here or go to Vendor List under the “Community” menu (login necessary). Residents can add to the vendor list after you login. If you have positive or negative experiences with any vendors or services share your experience by logging in and adding vendors.

 You can comment and rate them.  Under "Community", go to Vendor Entry, or, if you are logged in, click here.


We always are making an effort this year to cull out-of-date information from the Directory and online vendor list so if you see a vendor you know needs updating let us know through the the "contact us" tab in the top menu bar.  To add vendors use the "Vendor entry" tab under the "Community" menu on the top menu bar.

Sagamore Sentinel Online

You may view current and back issues of the Sagamore Sentinel, once you login, by clicking on the icons at the bottom of the home page or, under the "Communication" tab, click on the "Communication Committee" and then "Sagamore Sentinel".


Dam Update

In early 2016 we assessed the dam for compliance with State regulations and safety and submited the engeineering assessment (EA) to the DEC.  As part of process, Seaway Diving sent divers down to inspect the condition of the concrete and gate valve.  To see a slide show of the the dive click "dam divers" here or in the "Picture Gallery" to the right.
The final EA, was submitted to the DEC at the end of 2016 and accepted in mid 2017. In the expectation of considerable savings, Crawford created a single, all-inclusive permitting process with the DEC Dam Safety Program that provides a more efficient process by allowing us to do all our separate projects under one permission. I met with our NY State Engineer contact person, Peter Connelly, in New Paltz several years ago and recently at our dam site. Our working relationship is good and trusting. He is appreciative that we are timely in our responsiveness, that we file our annual paperwork and are respectful of the new regulations. Our engineers, Crawford & Associates, have been extremely helpful in setting up this relationship, and the EA was approved by the Dam Safety Department (NYSDEC ). 
After the approval of the EA we submitted a comprehensive repair and EA permitting with NYSDEC – creating a single, all-inclusive permitting process with the Dam Safety Program for repairs through our fiscal 2018. 
The NYSDEC commented on the repair permitting plans to which we submitted detailed mapping and response for their review and final approval.
TJR Excavating performed the repair workincluding
  • Toe drain construction:  complete repairs and installation of toe drain.
  • Spillway: concrete cracking and spalling repair.
  • North and south training walls:  repair of the concrete.
  • Intake valve:  screening to be repaired.
  • Siphon system:  materials to allow for sufficient discharge capacity need to be located either at the site or at a local vendor carrying the required materials.
Finally, we belong to the newly formed Dam Safety Committee of NYSFOLA (New York State Federation of Lakes). We expect it to become an important networking opportunity and it can be a force multiplier in asking for more support from the state for adressing their mandates.


Kent Safest City in NY

Our town of Kent with a population of 13,500 residents is safest place to live in New York, with no violent crime and the chance of being affected by property crime just .06%.  This is Based on FBI violent crime statistics compiles by Backgroundchecks.org. Rates are normalized per 100,000 residents with the state average being 382 for violent crime and 1,718 for property crime. This is calculated by taking (# of crimes/population) * 100,000. 

Second safest is Port Washington, and 3rd is Scarsdale.  Nearby Fishkill is ranked 15 safest and Carmel 16 safest.  To see the full report, go to http://backgroundchecks.org/50-safest-cities-in-new-york-2016.html!

Website Assistants Needed

The Website is looking for helpers to add content and maintain the site.  Interested in learning Drupal or want to try your hand at a garden blog, restaurant review or other content? Contact Mitchell.

Remember residents who login have access to the Handbook, back issues of the Sentinel, and 2016 Lake Directory.
*Picture by Mitchell Cohen and friends.

Our Mission

The members of the Lake Sagamore Community Association are committed to:

  • Maintaining the natural beauty of Lake Sagamore and protecting its environment.
  • Encouraging responsible land use in the Lake Sagamore area.

  • Promoting good relations and understanding among the residents of the Lake Sagamore area.

  • Participating in local community and civic affairs that affect the enjoyment, heath, and quality-of-life of residents living in the Lake Sagamore area.
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