We Can Use Solar Power Amidst Trees? Yes We Can!


Many of our houses around the lake have enough tree cover to make solar panel installation not viable. But: what if we could source our electricity from a sun-aplenty field of solar panels? A town program facilitates and encourages just that:

Solarize Kent, our community solar program…allows you to purchase solar electricity though NYSEG with a rate reduction of up to 10%…..

(It) allows residents to power their homes with solar energy without installing solar panels….If there is sufficient participation in Kent, the Town will receive a $5000 grant.     

Solarize Kent allows residents to purchase solar electricity through NYSEG at a rate reduction of up to 10%. The solar electricity comes from regional solar farms. This a volunteer “opt-in” program. There is no fee to enroll and no penalty to terminate any time.  You will receive a $100 bonus gift card for enrolling, and the town may receive an additional $100 as well.

Here is the webpage for the town program:


The solarizeputnam.org/solarizeputnam/ link is, last I checked, not working. This one appears to work:  https://ampion.net/kentny

An alternative community solar provider, both at the lake (and, in at least part of New York City):   nexamp.com

–   Tom

Tom Goodrich


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