The Sagamore Sentinel President’s Message, Fall, 2020


Dear Friends and Neighbors,

We will not soon forget the COVID summer of 2020.

For many of us, our Lake Sagamore homes have served as more of a primary residence since March than our permanent ones. As a result, there has been more activity around the lake in general, and, I hypothesize, that a record number of walking laps around the lake perimeter were completed by our neighbors in the last three months! As of this writing in mid-September, without a vaccine to treat the COVID virus available in the near term, and a second wave predicted in the fall, I imagine that we will not see the characteristic lull in lake community activity through this coming winter.

Trying to function as a participatory organization during this time has been extremely challenging. Due to NYS regulations, we were unable to hold our annual in-person spring membership meeting and the same holds true for the fall membership gathering. Although information technology has given us the option of meeting virtually by Zoom, these online gatherings are no substitute for the rich dialogue and discussions that occurs when face-to-face. Most unfortunate however was our inability to hold the annual Lake Sagamore Association summer picnic which always provides us an opportunity to relax and enjoy the communal company and gustatory treats of friends and neighbors.

On a positive note, our lake is very healthy and continues to bring pleasure and peace to all. The new, dam boards that were installed in the spring, and replaced the old, wooden ones that had outlived their usefulness, are holding up very well and are a cost-effective solution to raising and lowering the lake level. A serious issue regarding an invasive beaver population was averted by the Lake Committee headed by Getz Obstfeld, who followed state regulations to the letter and had the animals removed before there was extensive damage to our trees and the lake.

In closing, I would like to recognize the many volunteers who serve our lake community in many different capacities. The Board of Directors met via Zoom numerous times this spring and summer to address the swim float and other issues that required many hours of thoughtful debate and discussion. These conversations have always been respectful and collegial despite the diverse perspectives that exist within this governing body. Once again, I encourage anyone interested in holding an Association officer or director position on the Board to contact me or Joanna Nobler who has agreed to orchestrate and put forward the board slate for next spring.

My deepest thanks to editors, Sabrina Lee and John Van Couvering for publishing this issue of The Sagamore Sentinel.


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