Welcome to www.LakeSag.org..  As of February 2019 the site has been updated to make it easier to use and more secure.  We have new  “metro” look, meaning you can access most of the content by clicking on the boxes from the home page.  You can also access it from the menus on top of the site.  The website is designed to work equally well on your telephone or tablet.  Give it a try!
Our website is a useful resource for information about the lake, current events, and, for Association Members, ongoing Board and lake activities.  You can use the site to communicate  with your neighbors, plan outings, learn about the environment and the lake, and stay abreast of lake issues like lake quality and parkland use.
Www.Lakesag.org is a two-tiered site. The public who visits our site only sees a fraction of what Association members see after they login. By requiring members to login, content containing private information is hidden from the general public and spammers.  Once logged in Association members have access to the Directory, Handbook, photos galleries, bylaws, Board minutes and news, issues of the Sagamore Sentinel, and other Lake information.  Your login is the same as it was for the old website.  If you have a problem use the “contact us” tab on top and I will send you your login and password information.
For information on this updated Lakesag.org site, click on Association News, Communication.
Mitchell Cohen
Chair of the Web Committee
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