New Sagamore Boat “S” tags have been printed and distributed. The tags are primarily to assure that we protect our lake from invasive weeds and algae. Tagged boats belong to community members who should follow rules about using their boats only on Lake Sagamore or clean them according to Lake guidelines (see, Rules and Regulations).  Untagged boats are assumed to belong to non-community members and are more likely to have been used on other lakes and rivers, and, consequently, are much more likely to introduce invasive weeds and algae.

There are two tags per boat with the same unique number, and they are to be attached to both sides of the hull. These tags will also enable community members to better identify lost boats and boards and determine if boats left on parklands have community owners. Paddle boards also need a single tag.  The new tags are the same size as the old ones.

Each boat (kayak, row, canoe, sail, paddle, etc.) and board that you plan to use on Lake Sagamore needs a tag.

If you have not registered for a tag, please contact Getz Obstfeld and let him know the number of boats and boards you own and he will deliver tags to your mailbox.

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