Be Good to Environment: Defensive Shopping, Recycling and Composting


Many Lake Sagamore residents have begun recycling, shopping with an eye to defending the environment from needless hazards (defensive shopping), and composting in order to reduce the waste entering landfills and, not incidentally, to cut their garbage collection fees.

The Kent Recycling Center, which is operated by volunteers, is located on Route 52 across from Bottle Gate Farms. Hours are Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. There is an annual membership fee of $50. Revenues are managed by the Kent Recycling Commission established by the Town in 1993. By Town law, profits from the Center are returned to the enhancement of services of the recycling center.

The Center recycles clean glass (clear, green, and brown), clean tin cans, clean plastic (if it is marked 1,2, or 3), clean aluminum cans and aluminum foil, newspaper and junk mail, corrugated cardboard, refundables (glass, cans, and plastic), plastic bags and brown paper bags, coupons (or donation to a local charity), household and automobile batteries, Styrofoam peanuts, eyeglasses (for donation to a local charity), clothing (to local thrift shops), and egg cartons.

Household garbage may be brought to the Center at $3 per 30-pound bag. The Center also accepts bulk items for disposal at low cost: $15 for freon-containing items, $10 for heavy metal items, $5 for lighter metal items, $6 for tires with rims and $5 for tires without rims, $3 to $5 for mattresses, $5 to $15 for sofas and chairs (depending on weight), $3 to $5 for TV sets (depending on weight). By State law, the Center cannot accept hazardous waste or construction and demolition debris, although personnel at the Center can offer suggestions on the best methods to dispose of this refuse.

The Center provides “free tables“ where members can leave items they believe still might have value to others and from which they can take items that others have left at no charge. Members may also place notice of any items they want to sell on the Center’s community bulletin board.

For additional information, phone Jim or Wilma Baker at 845 225-7901.

Defensive shopping at the supermarket can reduce your garbage even more. Glass is the ultimate recyclable container. Examine plastic bottles and jars for the recycling symbol with a 1, 2 or 3 inside. Whenever possible, avoid items wrapped in layers of cellophane or plastic wrap and all Styrofoam products. Complaints to supermarket managers or to manufacturers about these products can work wonders.

Composting helps remove many items from the garbage can. All leaves, grass, clippings and weeds can be composted, as can kitchen waste, vegetables and the like. A Green Cone (available through Gardeners’ Supply Company or other catalogues) will even take bones and meat scraps. Many composting structures are shown in catalogues now, but good composting requires nothing elaborate. A simple wire cage or a plastic bag of leaves, left long enough, will become marvelous compost for your garden.

Garbage Pick-up

Local garbage collection companies may now accept recyclables from subscribers: newspapers, corrugated cardboard, brown paper bags, glass, and grades 1 and 2 plastics.

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