Spring 2023 Membership Meeting: Sunday, June 25, 1 PM


Hi Fellow Sagamoreans,

This is a reminder that the Spring General Membership meeting of the Lake Sagamore Community Association will be held on Sunday, June 25 at 1:00 pm at the Kent firehouse on Route 301.

Highlights of the meeting include approving the annual budget and the dues for next year, voting for the Officers and the Board members for the next two years, and hearing from our invited guest, the Town of Kent Highway Superintendent Richie Othmer, who will give updates on his efforts to lower the speed limit on Sagamore Drive and Old Forge and on the funding proposal to replace the bridge on Sagamore Drive.  We will also hear committee reports from the Lake, Social and Dam Committees.

There are some important attachments to this email you should take a look at before the meeting:

  1. Detailed Agenda
  2. Minutes of the Fall 2022 General Meeting
  3. Treasurer’s report on 2022-23 income and expenses and bank balances, and proposed budget for next year
  4. Short Bios of the individuals nominated by the Nominating Committee to serve as officers and directors for the next term.

If you think you may not be able to come, but would like to have your vote cast by proxy, please provide your proxy (one vote per household!) to Ira Kawaller, Secretary or to anyone you wish that is coming in person to the meeting. Your proxy can simply be an e-mail or a text or a piece of paper that clearly states your name, your Sagamore address and to whom you are giving the proxy. Your proxy must be shown to Ira before the meeting starts so he can record the information.  Of course, if you end up being able to come you can always rescind the proxy at the meeting so you can cast your vote in person.

COVID PROTOCOL: In consideration of our neighbors who may be more vulnerable, we ask that everyone wear a mask while indoors at the meeting. This will make us all more comfortable attending in person.

See you soon,







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