Parklands Committee

The Parklands Committee, chaired by Ray Phillips and including members Susan Wynne and Katherine Adler created new Guidelines for the management and use of the Parklands.  These Guidelines were distributed to all members in November 2015.


1.  The Association owns seven “parklands” around Lake Sagamore for the use of all its members.  The original deed, conveying the lake to the Association, designated these access areas. The maintenance of these lands is subject to the rules and regulations of the Association.  It is the intention of the Association to preserve these parklands in as near to natural condition as possible while allowing easy access for members. 
2.  It is proposed that the Association identify each parkland at its point of access with a suitable yet unobtrusive in-ground marker.  In addition, a “No Trespassing” sign would be placed part way into each pathway, but, for aesthetic reasons, not directly at the access.  
3.  The Association will ensure a passable footpath along each parkland from the road to the lake.  Hazardous objects, such as large fallen limbs or trees, that block the footpath, will be removed.  
4.  No changes may be made to any parkland (including the introduction of any structures onto a parkland or any alteration of the natural habitat) without a written request to the Board and the Board’s written approval issued prior to any work being undertaken. 
5.  Residents may store their boats on parklands.  They must (a.) have the requisite “S” properly displayed on any boat and (b.) insure that the boat obstructs neither the footpath, shoreline or physical access to the lakefront.
6. Any existing dock that is in a deteriorated condition, and therefore a liability for the Association, will be removed from a parkland.
7. The Association will provide on request a simple map of the parklands.  A map showing the location of the parklands will also be posted on the Lake Sagamore website.